These races are the ones who inhabit most of the continents of Solinia for the longest. They have recently come across the legendary continent of Alatyr, only to find it already occupied by other races, some of which seem familiar...

Dawn Council

Dominion (DOM)

Sylvan Sentinels (NAT)

Iron Ring Collective (IND)


(Half Elf)

Mysmaal (Undead)

Elemental (Fae)

Automata (Clockwork)
Vishim (Light Elf)

Corrupt Vishim (Dark Elf)

Capripeds (Faun) Morannon (Dwarves)
Tinai (Ancient Angel)

Gobel (Orc/Goblin)

Wispen (Plantfolk) Meroei (Human)
Sept (Insectfolk)

Tailless (Dragon)

Taxicost (Beastmen) Lidkim (Lizardfolk)

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