The nation of Bhava is a kingdom primarily inhabited by Taxicosts that was founded by Ajjivo Sunseeker. Bhava is is located West of Haven, in a savanna plateau. It is currently ruled by Queen Ajjivo Sunseeker and King Gyven Sunseeker. It is reputable for it's embassy work for the other nations and being to go to for restocking and rest during a long voyage.

Religion: Bhava officially worships the sun, but allows citizens to use the temples to worship their persional gods. There are two temples in Bhava, the greater temple on a plateau, and the lesser temple in Bhatu.

Bhava has a sister city, Bhatu that is ruled by King Gyven Sunseeker. Bhatu serves as Bhava's trading location and hosts Bhava's growing military and navy. Currently a great library is being built in Bhatu, which will be the most prestigious project for the growing town.