Carith Faroth
Player Character
Player Character
First Name Carith
Second Name Faroth
Title The Hollow, King of the Corrupt Vishim, Avatar of Destruction
Race Corrupt Vishim
Gender Male
Age 76
Alignment Neutral Evil
Language Mysmaal, Common
Hometown Dremuth
Height 6'10"
Skincolor Pure Black
Haircolor Pure Black
Eye Color Crimson
Distinguishing Features Scar appearing across his face, usually covered in a dark stained armor
Diet Varied
God worshipped Deuzulus
Player Name KingMidas101


Carith obtains a tall, fair build. He is usually draped in a silver, darkened chain mail and plates, besides his crown and helm, which once covered a deep scar.


Faroth is usually arrogant, sadistic, treacherous, and power hungry. He is often sharp minded, though is occasionally overwhelmed by moments of rage.

Skills and Abilities

The King is exceptional with a blade, usually preferring a scythe, but is also quite intelligent and satisfactory in dark magic. This includes life siphoning, summoning the dead and such.

Fears and Insecurities

He fears only the loss of power, having confronted his other obstacles.



Early Life

Raised normally in the Under town of Lebovi, Carith found himself interested and well in a wide range of activities and topics, from that of dueling to tomes in the relevance of architecture. He was widely skilled, though set back in caring for the protection of his young brother, Yeish.

Recent events



To rule over Solinia and elevate himself to higher power.

Short Term Goals

Understand his destiny.

Long Term Goals

Rule beside his lord, Deuzulus.

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