Corrupt Vishim
Corrupt Vishim
Name Corrupt Vishim
Common Name Dark Elves
Starting Stats STR 60 STA 65 AGI 90 DEX 75 WIS 83 INT 99 CHA 60
Professions Shadow Knight, Wizard
Alliance Dominion
Base Alignment Neutral Evil
Language Mysmaal
Height 5-6 ft or 1.5-1.8 m
Skincolor Pale grey to almost black
Haircolor Short description here
Lifespan Immortal unless killed
Diet Varied
Distinctions Corrupt versions of the Vishim
God worshipped Deuzulus





It is not clear exactly how or when but it is certain the Mysmaal captured and tortured several Vishim during a midnight raid on the city of Alaris. What followed was almost a decade of deformation and twisting of the Vishim prisoners in the persuit of creating an obedient mysmaalian slave – several of the Vishim died in the process but two were strong enough to survive and were bred, over many generations as servants, guardians and for even darker duties.

However, due to the kidnappings a Meroei by the name of Elarok Lightbringer (a daughter of one of the victims) finally uncovered the Mysmaal nest and slayed it’s overfiend, Count Sythik D’Mirax who was promptly beheaded and quartered. Following the death of Sythik, the Corrupt Vishim abominations finally became free and self aware and they butchered all remaining Mysmaal and even their rescuers.

The Mysmaal nest became a bastion of darkness and power for the newly born race who, despite their Vishim and Mysmaalian origins felt they have become elevated far above both. They fear nothing and are brutally dangerous in combat and exceptionally skilled with dark and light magic and solely worship the diety of hate and betrayal, Deuzulus.




Corrupt Vishim are ambitious, arrogant, sadistic, treacherous, untrusting and hedonistic. They believe themselves to be better than all the other races, since they were bred very selectively. The Mysmaal wanted to have competent slaves, so they were careful not to impair their intelligence, while increasing their raw strength and dexterity. The Corrupt Vishim reason that they are equal with some of the greatest thinkers mentally and superior to them physically, thus being superior in general. Corrupt Vishim always look to increase their own standing in their society by any means necessary. They were taught from a young age not to trust anyone, because any who are below them will seek to eliminate them to rise in the hierarchy, and any who are above will seek to eliminate them to prevent the expected attack. They are not barbaric, however, and appreciate a sense of subtlety and thus Dark Elves are typically courteous and urbane, even to their most hated rivals.

Their society is a theocracy with the high priestess or priest of Deuzulus leading the whole race. They value advancement over their peers more than anything else, pulling down their superiors and crushing their inferiors. Corrupt Vishim have an admiration for stealth and guile, and works of great skill, which leads to assassins being very prestigious in their culture. They are encouraged to become warriors, if male, and wielders of divine powers, if female. Their society is not solely influenced by the military, with their religion being a strong influence for many of the Corrupt. Corrupt Vishim see all other races as inferior, even those to whom they are allied, and will attempt to enslave any enemies they capture, usually never willingly releasing them, despite their history of being slaves themselves. Above all else, they save their hostilities for the Vishim. They are willing to forge temporary alliances with anyone that will help them inflict pain or suffering on the surface Vishim, for whom they know no mercy at all.







Major Events






Founding Fathers


Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Evil

Home City: Dremuth of the Odizelus Empire

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Deity: Deuzulus

Ruler: Emperor Caroth Faroth, Champion of the Shadoe Knights

Biology and appearance

The Corrupt Vishim are similar to the Vishim, but are more stocky, stronger and extremely agile. Their skin colour ranges from black to a light grey and their hair is always black, while their eyes can range from black through red, purple, yellow and white.

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