Player Character
First Name Cuto
Second Name Rennegon
Title The Foundation Of Death
Race Meroei
Gender Male
Age 17
Alignment Neutral Evil
Language Common Meroei
Hometown The Foundation
Height 5'8"
Skincolor White
Haircolor Black
Eye Color Light Blue
Distinguishing Features Very Raspy voice. Black Eyeliner around eyes. Scar running down cheek
Diet Bread, carrots, fish, meat
God worshipped Somnus
Player Name dobbie66


Rather short, young looking clean shaven man with black eyeliner around eyes and a diagonal scar across his cheek


Sly, evil, devoted, emotionless

Skills and Abilities

Perception, infiltration, strategy

Fears and Insecurities

Trust, stares, himself


Father placed a dark creature inside of him at a young age to give him power, therefore giving their village a secret weapon against others. As a result the village feared him and when his father was killed, Cuto was also attempted to be killed, this failed and he was forced to run. He grew up justifying his own existence by killing anyone he came across, later the Foundation took him in and moulded him into the person he is today

Early Life

Cuto was a friendly boy ,but as the villagers feared him, nobody would acknowledge him, as a result of this he had no friends and was very lonely. When his mother died and his best friend attempted to kill him under the villages orders, he was forced to leave. He was later found a took in by the Foundation

Recent events



Finding a reason for his existence, protecting and making the Foundation Prosper

Short Term Goals

Finding a reason for his existence & protect the Foundation

Long Term Goals

Finding a reason for his existence

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