Name Gialon
Common Name Gialon
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Alliance Sylvan Sentinels
Base Alignment True Neutral
Language Nature's Tongue
Height 1-6 ft or 0.3-1.8 m
Skincolor Variety of skin colours reflecting their element
Haircolor Often similar to their skin colour, can be contrasting
Lifespan Immortal
Diet Vegetarian
Distinctions Varying sizes, some have insect-like wings
God worshipped Elder Gods





Very little is known of Gialon origins except the oldest known record of them is on Nasudana




The Gialon race are individualistic and spontanious, motivated usually by selfish reasons. They are mischevious towards other races, intelligent and can be spiteful in their tricks.

Despite this nastier streak, they are never fully malicious. They are carefree, taking their surroundings and lives for granted. More recently they have had to realise some responsibility for their natural homes, joining the Sylvan Sentinels.

Elemental culture is mostly lawless, primarily matriarchal with women holding positions of power. Occasionally, males can be found in leading roles, but this is rather rare. In fact, leading roles in general are rare as elementals are most peaceful amongst themselves and rarely bothered enough to take organised action on a large scale.

Elemental forces of fire, earth, wind and water holds a great place in their culture. As primarily elemental beings they have great command over their abilities.

Elementals naturally live forever, but they can lose their immortality if they fall in love with a member of a mortal race. As tricksters, this can happen much more than you would think. Many take great glee in having mortals fall for them, finding it amusing, however, they often find themselves with feelings in return...

Elemental settlements reflect their Element and are in-keeping with their natural surrounds. Air elementals inhabit woodlands, often living within natural holes in tree trunks. Earth elementals inhabit rocky caves and earthy glens, Water elementals rarely leave the shore of their lakes. Fire elementals travel the wilderness, hiding from rain showers and starting wildfires, or aiding travellers who are in need of light and warmth.







Major Events






Founding Fathers


Alignment and Faction

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Biology and appearance

Elementals are immortal spiritual beings with traits that link them to one of the realms of the Elder Gods; Earth, Air, Water or Fire.

Earth Elemental

Earth elementals are spirits that live within stone and rock, they are able to move throughout the ground with ease. They worship Gias, the Goddess of Earth.

Air Elemental

Air elementals, also known as Fairies, are small humanoids with elegant translucent wings, often resembling the wings of insects. They worship the Goddess of Air; Zephyr.

Water Elemental

Water Elementals are also known as Nymphs. They are beautiful beings with innate magic, each linked with a body of water. They worship Manandu the Goddess of Water.

Fire Elemental

Fire Elementals are beings made out of fire, they can appear solid or completely shrouded in coloured flames depending on their mood. They always give off light, but they can control the heat their bodies emit; sometimes they are cold to touch, if angered they can scorch those around them. They worship the God of Fire; Ignorir

Naming theme

Elementals often have names that relate to their element, but they have no strict naming scheme, other than "light hearted". Names don't mean too much to them, and they can change their own names or be given new ones throughout their lives.

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