"There are a number of deities which are worshipped in Solinia. They are credited with different powers, as well as the creation of the world and all within it, others are attributed hold over emotions and people."

Power among the Gods trickle downwards from their source, The Unknown. Power is also augmented by number of worshippers. Killing a god of higher status significantly weakens the lesser gods. Balance must always be maintained.

The Unknown

It is said in the beginning there was nothing but a vast endless sea of unbroken darkness in which a god as ageless as time swam, lighting its way with vast jewel like suns. On its journey the god did stumble upon the barren landscape of a now dead star lying upon its center it did see a bright blue lake of incredible beauty glistening with astral magic of the wisps that flickered above it. Curious to the nature of this outside influence of his domain the God broke a part of itself and elevated the wisps to a pantheon of primordial entities that would watch over the world in his stead as he continued his journey through the stars

Very few if any races are aware of this God. This pantheon draws its power from no where

The Primordials

Over time the primordials transformed the energies of the long dead star into vast blue oceans, ever growing lush vegetation and towering mountain peaks.

Pleased with the near perfect order and testimony to the will of their creator the gods now planned their much needed rest. To ensure the world could be watched over in their slumber they fused their being into one and formed a god of great power to watch over the world and ensure balance would always be maintained until the great day their god would return from his journey through the heavens

Very few if any races are aware of these forces. This pantheon draws its power from The Unknown

The God of Balance

Belshazar - Child of the Primordials - Ruler of the Plane of Balance

Very few if any races are aware of this God. This God draws its power from The Primordials

The Children of Balance

Eriadar the Prismatic Dragon - Child of Belshazar and creator of the Dragons, first to pierce the veil of the Planes and visit the realm of Solinia

There are many others...

Very few if any races are aware of these gods. They draw their power from the Plane of Balance and Belshazar

The Outsiders

The Weaver - A god of an unknown reality, creator of The Ancients as well as Hiran Asura and cause of many cataclysms on Solinia

It is not known where the Outsiders draw their power from

Zhuvirae - Goddess of the Moon

The Prime Elemental Pantheon

Amurru the Lifebringer/Deep One would rule the earthern realms and construct a mighty race of stone golems called Gialon. Ruler of Delgar - The Endless Depths (The Plane of the Deep)

Savira the Enflamed would claim dominance over the flaming remains of the far most corners of the world.  By taking from the dragons willingly she would create an unstoppable weapon know as Xephrit Syfyr a Purefire dragon who would lead an army of flaming elementals. Ruler of Sindiril - The Palace of Flames (Plane of Flames)

Kylia the Tempest would settle the endless oceans with enormous elemental titans and seafolk that would cleanse the lands with tsunamis and endless tempests. Ruler of Raelion - The Field of Storms (Plane of Storms). The lands of Qylia takes it name from this Goddess

Far above the skies Aerin the Valorous would create vast floating cities from the floating remains of the dead sun that had rought the world and in it build majestic cities populated with angels known as the Valerin who would descend to the earth and bring law and peace upon those deemed fit to remain following the great cleansing. Ruler of Valisi - The Realm of Valor (Plane of Valor)

Very few if any races are aware of these gods. They draw their power from Belshazar and the other Gods of Balance

The First Elementral Pantheon

Sol'Azul - God of the Sun (Primarily worshipped by Caerthians)

Kaza'Thul - The Underking - God of Earth (Primarily worshipped by Keladun)

Aer'Aral - The Wind Walker - God of the Sky (Primarily Worshipped by Aerindal)

Sur'El - The Tidal Lord - God of the Seas (Primarily Worshipped by Valderain)

Only very ancient races are aware of this Pantheon. They drew their power from The Anchor and the Plane of Balance

The Elemental Pantheon

Gias - The Goddess of Earth

Ingorir - The God of Fire

Manandu - The Goddess of Water

Zephyr the Blazen - The Goddess of Wind (also known as the dead god). Known to be an elevated polyamorous Aerindal who ascended and lost power during an invasion of her plane by the Oshira, orchestrated by Deuzulus. Whereabouts unknown since the events of the time crisis

Only very ancient races are aware of this Pantheon. They draw their power from The Anchor and the Plane of Balance

The Gods of Influence

Methabeht - God of healing and birth - Child of Kylia and Aerin

Aenir - The Ocean Lord - God of the Oceans (Principal God of The Order of Highguard)

Mariana the Ethereal - Rules over the Plane of Magic (Is the source of all magic in the universe)

Enruel the Ascendant - Rules over the Plane of Secrets (Principal God of Knowledge to the Meroei race)

Auroris the Planeshifter - Rules over the Plane of Sun (Principal God of the Vishim race)

Alzagoth the Reaper - Rules over the Plane of Death

Alorn the Artisan - Rules over the Plane of Trade (Originally a mortal who was granted demi god status by the god of knowledge, Enruel)

Etsi the Dealmaker - Dark God of Bargains and Gambling (aka The Imp God)

Somnus the Shaderider - God of Shadow - Principal God of the Mymsaal, Gifted Vampirism to the Mysmaal and was a known lover of Zephyr

Syfyr - God of Fire and Earth - Child of Savira and Eriadar. Ascended Dragon

Banarui - The God of The Spirit

Alazgoth - The God of the Dead and Underworld

Ashoka - The God of Suffering, originally the God of Peace. He is the son of Valhas and Tisroeh. Originally the lover of the Goddess Zephyr, her brutal murder at the hands of Deuzulus caused him to become the God of Suffering.

Ashtor - The God of Hunting, and War

Boralis - The God of Knowledge and Wisdom

Deuzulus - The God of Jealousy and Hate, the son of Ingorir and Lunarine. Ascended Caerthian. He is known for the tale of his lust for the Goddess Zephyr, but she was already in love with the God Ashoka. When he could not get his way, he murdered Zephyr (with the aid of Sl'vastra) to spite Ashoka.

Sethris the Stalker - Sethris, God of Balance and Master of the Hunt

Zurvan - God of Destiny

Goryan - Goryan the God of Dreams

Dezaal - Goddess of Dreams (Primarily worshipped by Myconids)

Slvastra - The Ravager (The Chained) - Goddess of Rage (Primarily worshipped by Oshira) Ascended Oshira Goddess. Slayer of Zephyr (w/ Deuzulus)

Ecarriln -The God of Thieves and Darkness

Golkara - The Goddess of Life and Abundance

Irduolo - The Goddess of Friendship and Trust

Lumyle - The Goddess of Wine and Festivals

Lunarine -The Goddess of Strategy and Conquest

Rarahat -The God of Destruction and Death

Tisroeh - The God of Trade and Craftsmanship

Valhas - The Goddess of Love and Happiness

Xetizel - The God of Nightmares

Amonsul - God of Defense and Protection

Harashi - Goddess of Tranquility

Salus - God of Health and Salvation

Zeglith - God of Vengeance.

Duwende - Goddess of Forests and Nature

This pantheon draws its power from a variety of sources, some through ascendency from other Gods or seizing power by force by the death of other Gods. All gods draw their power in some form from the elemental pantheon with the exclusion of a few older gods or gods of different realms (spirit realms etc)