A Dwarf Like Race
Name Keladun
Common Name Keladun
Starting Stats STR 75 STA 75 AGI 75 DEX 75 INT 75 WIS 75 CHA 75
Professions Knight, Exarch, Arcanist, Hunter
Alliance Loose alliance with all races
Base Alignment Neutral
Language Keladun
Height 4 to 5 feet
Skincolor White
Haircolor Brown and Red Haired
Lifespan Around 120 years
Diet Typical human like diet
Distinctions Small, hairy
God worshipped Kaza'Thul


A dwarven like race from the Lands of Qylia. Friendly and devoted to mining and trading. Worshippers of Kaza-Thul the God of the Deep

The Keladun are the shorter cousins of the Valderain and inhabit the northern mountains

Their city, Morheim, is a vast underground network of tunnels and hollowed out caves which suit their need for security and desire to extract the many jewels and metals from deep in the earth

The Keladun worship the Gods of the Earth and many walls of the city are covered in runes of prayer to their lords, their temples twinkle with bejeweled lights displaying the finest of their finds from the bowels of the earth

Their underground tunnels serve the other races well as secure trade routes, particularly due to the keladun redstone creations like their under ground train network

The Keladun are hardy fighters from years of combat underground with the Gobel which occasionally break their way into the Keladun cities, therefore many older areas of the under ground city have been rebuilt over time.

Many areas of the underground city have also been purposefully collapsed following gobel swarms, so many parts of old cities have are covered in cobwebs and not been visited in centuries

The main overground entrance to the Keladun Capital is a gigantic stone entry way with Keladun warrior statues and a vast defensible wall

This area is known as the Commons district where potentially untrusted outside races can come to trade with the many diamond and gem merchants

The Keladun also have many overground forts to defend trade routes in their kingdom, these small but defensible structures are usually guarded by a small band of Keladun Knights




The Keladun have been overseen by a monarchy for as long as they can remember. The current House of Stormbreaker is the crowned family at the capital of Morheim


The Keladun are concerned with the aquisition of resources, and the movement of goods across Qylia. They maintain the vast trade network that allows the free flow of goods between the many races of the land

Due to this, the Keladun enjoy a pleasant lifestyle, mainly in their highly decorated underground cities in which they are generally trading, fighting or drinking


Knights Guild: The Storm Guard

HQ Name: Stormwatcher Citadel

Leader: Lady Gwyndra Oakenhaft

Hunters Guild: Gray Hood Thieves

HQ Name: The Jeweled Crown (Tavern)

Leader: Dire Hammerfall

Arcanists Guild: The Lorekeepers

HQ Name: The Halls of Algar

Leader: Tephys Starhammer

Priests Guild: Priests of Kaza'Thul

HQ Name: Church of Kaza'Thul

Leader: Baelan Stormbreaker


The Keladun worship Kaza'Thul exclusively



Major Events



Aerindal, Valderain


Gobel, Ogres

Founding Fathers


Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Neutral

Home City: Morheim

Faction: Morheim

Deity: Kaza'Thul

Ruler: Thoron Stormbreaker