There are a number of languages spoken in the world of Solinia. Some races share languages, whilst others have their own. With time and effort it is possible to become multi-lingual and be able to speak with other races in their native tongues.

Ancient Tinai

Ancient Tinai is the language spoken only by the Tinai

Common Tongue

Common Tongue is the common language throughout Solinia.

It is the primary language of:


Foresian is a peaceful, melodious language spoken by the noble, nature-loving races;


Mysmaal is the language spoken primarily amongst the races of the Dominion;

Nature's tongue

Nature's tongue is a language born from nature. It is spoken by races associated with the natural world;


Septish is an unusual language, mostly made up of clicking noises produced by the mandibles of the Sept


TikTok is the language spoken by the Automata, it is produced by the clicking and grinding of gears and mechanical components. It was developed to be spoken easily by Automata between themselves, and to perhaps share plans behind their master's backs.


Undertongue is a language spoken by those who spent long periods in the Under. Sworn enemies, the Morannon and the Gobel both speak the same language. It is said they share a language so they can hurl insults at eachother and write threats on cavern walls within their mountain caves.


Wyrmtongue is the ancient tongue of the dragons. It sounds like hissed words and deep booming sounds that carry long distances if needed. It is spoken by the two reptilian races: