Name Meroei
Common Name Human
Starting Stats STR 75 STA 75 AGI 75 DEX 75 WIS 75 INT 75 CHA 75
Professions Warrior,Ranger,Druid,Wizard
Alliance Iron Ring Collective
Base Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Language Common Tongue
Height 5-7 ft or 1.5-2.1 m
Skincolor Varies as much as real humans
Haircolor Browns and black, aging to grey
Lifespan 60-90
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God worshipped No preference


The Meroei are a human like race of the lands of Halcron. If any race could be described as the lords of Solinia it would be the Meroei. Their grand capitals and trading posts span all four corners of the known world



Lost distant relatives of the Eusebians, the Meroei were responsible for the founding of the Tsiyon and have since helped bring the world closer together with the help of the Vishim and other races that have joined their cause. The Eusebian descendents unlike most races on Solinia pre-date the cataclysm which they fled underground (The Under). However this knowledge is long lost to any society and the people of Halcron have always led a peaceful and humble life of fishing, hunting and farming.

The Meroei have a deep long forgotton link to the continent of Alcor that few are aware of. It is not a coincidence that the Eusebians named one of their major cities Meropis and those that have investigated the matter believe their divergence may have followed the Eusebian escape into Id-Kura.

Since the arrival of the Vishim the Meroei have reaped the benefits of open trade and shared technology transforming Tsiyon into the gem of southern hemisphere and the futurist multi-racial capital it is today.

Due to the abundant supply of mineable resources found on Halcron the Meroei and their frequent battles with the Gobel and Ogres the Meroei favour plated silver armour usually which they wear with pride. They are also one of the only races to make use of hair dye, red being one of the most favourite. It is not uncommon for Meroei to make use of silver and gold necklaces and earrings as well as the many coloured garments, red (again) being a favourite.




Human Personality varies massivly between each unique being. Adulthood is mostly affected by childhood and emotions are greatly involved when growing up. However, each unique person has his/her own personality, and with each unique person comes a unique personality, this can range from being Chaotically-evil to Justicar-good. People can be friendly or they can be aggressive and untrusting; Most humans have a high degree of hatred or fear of the unknown which can lead them to mistrusting other races but mostly among one-other. Humans have an natural taste of power, some of which can never get enough so wars tend to break out quite often, sometimes over the smallest of things. Humans strive to become the strongest of all other races and tend to never back down at a challenge; Humans can be noble and majestic but the very opposite is also possible. Human Personality is limitless, they can do anything and believe in anything, they are not guided by any mysterious forces, they choose who they want to be and live life to the best of their capability.

Human Culture is the most diverse culture ever known in existance, although it is simple, it can be very complicated. Humans use everything at their disposal and culture is a very powerful weapon. Humans can judge other humans by simply looking at them, reguarding Age, Skin-Color, Sexual Orientation, Hair color and so on. Most knowledge is passed down by the previous generation and in a city, Economical state can determine who goes where. Humans with more currency than others can be seperated into two districts: Higher and Lower. Humans all have a right to understand Right and Wrong and determining these factors makes a backbone of culture. Culture also consists of Music, Traditions and many other smaller things such as Towns, Cities, Events and Leadership roles. Culture Idols are a major peice as musicians work their way up to becoming popular. The Society Humans grow up in are the main factor of what they become as they grow, A bad childhood can lead them to become evil or mistrusting in the future but a child that has been inspired by a cultural hero may become to be the next one in existance. Many believe in all sorts of different things, some belive in Destiny where everything happens in a big 'plan' and others believe that what they do is always correct, possibilities are endless. Every single human has their differences.







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Founding Fathers


Alignment and Faction

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Biology and appearance

Humans have many variations in their appearance, each and every one of them has unique features that make them who they are. Skin tones vary from Black, Brown and White; Color usually depends on enviromental situations an example would be: Hot, scorching climates will indefinatly burn skin, slowly turning brown then a form of black overtime, Colder climates will have a reverse affect on skin tone. Eye color varies from Green, Brown, Blue, White to Hazel and Amber. Other eye variations are not genetically possible without the use of magic. Hair Color varies from very few colors such as Black, Brown, Blond, Auburn and Chestnut. White is moderatly rare among new-born children however hair can be dyed or changed by the use of magic. Humans vary from and specific natural build however most are quite strong depending on what they do as they grow, a Soldier would have a dense muscle build, for example. Humans come in many shapes and forms.

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