Name Ni-Jin
Common Name Ni-Jin
Starting Stats Strength: 65 Stamina: 65 Agility: 95 Dexterity: 80 Intelligence: 75 Wisdom: 80 Charisma: 75
Professions Warrior, Druid, Wizard, Magician, Enchanter, Cleric
Alliance Unknown
Base Alignment Neutral
Language Ni-Jin, Jin, Common
Height Very Varied
Skincolor Pale White
Haircolor Very Varied
Lifespan Unknown
Diet Varied
Distinctions Pale White skin.
God worshipped Varied


The Ni-Jin are the Jin who gave up their god-like power to escape being annihilated by the Spellstorm. After escaping the grasps of the Spellstorm, they went to the hidden village known as Doue and hid there, waiting for the Taketevolken to leave patiently until the village was exposed and they escaped Doue, spreading out over many parts of the Jungle as well as the Angel Isles.


The Ni-Jin were once people who were Jin, eventually having to give up their powers to escape the Spellstorm and keep their lives safe. After this, they hid in the village known as Doue before it was exposed. After that, the Ni-Jin spread over many lands, especially at the large part of the Angel Isles which was the only place which had snow and ice.


Currently, the person who leads the Ni-Jin is King Axar Razrusha the First






The Ni-Jin are the brothers and sisters of the Gods, therefore they do not worship their brothers and sisters but respect them with the respect that a God would normally be given.


Currently, most Ni-Jin reside in the snowy areas of the Angel Isles.

Major Events

The only Major Event for the Ni-Jin is their transition from Jin to Ni-Jin as they gave up their powers of Meta Magic to remain alive.





Founding Fathers


Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Neutral

Home City: Exebryde (in the future at this current time)

Faction: Exebryde

Deity: Unknown

Ruler: King Axar Razrusha the First

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