(Key: Triggerword is outlined by borders, e.g Hello, my name is Matthew. I need [help] urgently!)

Player says: hello TramblDeepockets says (if Player has BeastOfBurdenComplete): 'Greetings, our hero of Morheim! I would treat you to a banquet for your great feats in Morheim, but the food is being pecked at by [crows]!' Player says: [crows] TramblDeepockets says: 'Aye, crows! My Scarelings are not doing their job of scaring off the crows from the crops, instead they attack us Keladun! Save Morheim from starvation and get a from the Scarelings and I will surely reward you greatly for your efforts.'

Player says: hello

Player gives TramblDeepockets: Pumpkin Head

TramblDeepockets says: 'Ahh, thank you! Here, take this Pumpkin Pie I just made, as a reward for your work. Give this to the Bank, you can get some money from the Banker! 

TramblDeepockets gives Player: Cheque, Pumpkin Pie

(Once the player has reached the Bank)

Player says: hello Banker: (if given ) 'Ah, it is the elusive man who works under Grumpa and has saved us from many things. A , I see? From TramblDeepockets? Here is your reward, from him, sir!' Banker gives Player: Pouch of Qyl

Player says: hello Guard_Krimgol says: 'Oyeh! Get off o' the path here! Ah won't let yeh into the [castle], yeh trespassser!' Player says: castle GuardKrimgol says: 'Ayeh, what're yeh still doin' here? Ah have an empty belly, an' unless yeh can 'elp me, scram!' Player says: help GuardKrimgol says: '..Yeh wan' 'o help meh? Tha's good, eh? Tell yeh w'at, ah'll let yeh in'o the cas'le if yeh get me somethin' sweet. Ah have a sweet tooth today.'

Once Player has gotten Pumpkin Pie

Player says: hello Player gives GuardKrimgol: Pumpkin Pie GuardKrimgol says: "Mm.. delicious! C'mon in, friend! Yeh deserve it, bringin' me this! Tell yeh what, take meh sword, it's broken anyway! Per'aps, if yeh ask Icewind, yeh can get a new one, jus' give the broken 'un to 'im when yeh see 'im. Thank yeh, friend!' GuardKrimgol gives Player: Broken Sword of the Palace Guard

Player says: hello Player gives CaptainIcewind: Broken Sword of the Palace Guard CaptainIcewind says: 'Eh? This be a broken sword! Did Krimgol give it to yeh? Ah heard he broke his blade and got mad. How did yeh cheer 'i'm up?' Player says: Pie CaptainIcewind says: 'Ahh, he loves pie, he does. Good job on tha'. Here, take this sword, it be fresh.' CaptainIcewind gives Player: Sword of the Palace Guard