"Liberty is not well sold for all the gold"
Leader Circitor Tarvos
Continent Angel Isles
Kingdom City-state
Government Noble republic
Patron deity Alorn, Methabeht
Year of formation 51016 ME
Languages Common
Leader IGN OstrichBunny
Co-ords X: -30 Z: -48


Ridafar is costal trade city in the heart of one of the Angel Isle’s deserts, a short journey from the infamous [[Mysma]] and the Skullgate. Many travellers prefer to visit the city via boat instead of traversing the perilous desert on foot. The city is a historical trade hub, making it an ideal home for merchants, sell-swords and scholars alike.

When the Humans of Ridafar were freed from their Mysmaal slave-masters, their leader Saendar the Liberator envisioned a city which valued the freedom and safety of it’s citizens over the wishes of a monarch. Rulers of Ridafar are elected for life by its educated citizens and prospering merchants. Leadership is currently entrusted to Circtor Tarvos, who works hard to ensure Saendar’s vision is preserved and that Ridafar grows as a centre of trade and culture.​


Ridafar is located on the coast of a harsh desert. As such flora and fauna are few and far between. Small pockets of life thrive in areas where clean water can be found. It can be perilous to journey into the desert unprepared.


The oldest known records of Ridafar date back to 50873 ME. It was originally a stronghold built by the Mysmaal to force the surrounding Human population into slavery. The Mysmaal that controlled it sold slaves to Fort Mysma in return for weapons, horses and gold. Ships arrived at the port each day before sunset and left just before dawn, carrying a cargo of doomed slaves and diseases. This went on for years with the native Human villages posing little threat to the unified Mysmaal force. However the Mysmaal control in the region required a constant influx of slaves and when inevitably their insatiable need for manpower dried up all nearby villages and settlements, the Mysmaal turned their gaze further inland to the city of Epta. Epta was in some ways the last Human resistance to complete Mysmaal control of the surrounding desert and the enslavement of Humankind there for many years to come. It had resisted the Mysmaal for so long only with the help of the [Duneguard], a mythical group of healers and druids who protected the city with their magic. In 51012 ME the Mysmaal at Ridafar sent an army to the walls of Epta. A battle between Mysmaal necromancers and the Duneguard ensured. As the siege progressed many Duneguard perished trying to hold off the advances of the undead. The battle dragged on for months until finally the walls of Epta fell and the Duneguard fell with them. The Mysmaal razed the city to the extent that there was no building left standing. Its residents were chained and brought to Ridafar in shackles. All remaining Duneguard were turned by the Mysmaal to be their slaves for eternity.

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As a trade city, the culture of Ridafar varies greatly depending on who you talk to. Some underlying traditions are present however. The people of the city take great stock in omens believing that, among other things the outcome of a day's haggling can be predicted by the first type of bird one sees in the morning. The people of Ridafar are a proud religious folk. Citizens and travellers are free to worship whatever deity they choose, however those who pay homage to the gods Rarahat, Alzagoth and Deuzulus are frowned upon. Many citizens pray to Valhas for success in love, or to Amonsul for protection while fighting. The patron deity of the city is Alorn, the Demi-God of trade. The main place of worship in Ridafar is the Temple of Two. The temple, which is believed to be nearly as old as the city itself, is dedicated to two gods. This is symbolised by it's two towers, which can be seen from anywhere in the city. The first is Alorn, him begin the patron god of Ridafar. The second depends on the current First. At their annointment, he/ she will announce the deity they wish to dedicate their term to. The deity usually reflects the leaders value, a conqueror might choose Lunarine for example.

Notable Peoples

Saendar Belai - Founder of Ridafar and leader of the freed slaves of Epta


To the north of the Skull Gate, to the south east of the Ring of the Sacred.


The desert of Ridafar is a danger to even the most experienced traveller. The looming sun, the burning sand and the boiling lava pits are all competing to take your life. Like all cities, Ridafar itself is not free from criminals. Pickpockets lurk in alleyways and intoxicated sell-swords frequent the tavern. Rumor has it even the bravest of men run crying from the catacombs. Good thing the entrance is now sealed.

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