Shao Xi
Shao Xi
Player Character
First Name Shao
Second Name Xi
Title Scout
Race Xun'Shi
Gender Male
Age 30
Alignment Good
Language Xunshi
Hometown Pan'Qua
Height 5'8"
Skincolor Pale
Haircolor Brown
Eye Color Blue
Distinguishing Features Beard
Diet Fish
God worshipped Xuan'Wu
Player Name mixxit


Rugged oriental scout



Skills and Abilities

Diplomacy, Scouting, Trading, Combat

Fears and Insecurities

The volatility of other races


Long history of establishing trade relations with other kingdoms on behalf of the Jade Empire

Early Life

Village hunter

Recent events



Fulfill the next stage of the Kojiki

Short Term Goals

Discover all inhabitants of the Angel Isles

Long Term Goals

Locate the Avatar of Destruction

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