Simon Nightvale
Player Character
First Name Simon
Second Name Nightvale
Title Knight
Race Meroei
Gender Male
Age 29
Alignment Lawful good
Language Common Meroei
Hometown Baynard
Height 6.2
Skincolor White. (A slight farmers tan)
Haircolor Brown.
Eye Color Blue.
Distinguishing Features Freckled, huge Scar on back, Large Biceps
Diet Lots and lots of Mead, Ale, Bread.
God worshipped Boralis
Player Name CaptainNightvale


Clean shaven, muscly.


Confident, extremely loyal, Religious

Skills and Abilities

Skilled with the sword. Unusually good with building.

Fears and Insecurities



As a small child Simon was the son of a Pirate Captain. His father was very nice to Simon and treated his crew fairly. But on a stormy night the Royal Navy had caught sight of the Pirate shit so they sneakingly surprised the Pirates with an ambush and after long canon fire the Navy eventually won and made their way to the shit. Sadly Simon's father had took a lot of damage from a falling piece of wood and was bleeding out. when Simon finally found his father his father was about to die. so in his fathers dying breaths he told Simon "Son, I may not be there to see it... But I want you to make something good of yourself." SO while the Navy was raiding the ship Simon swam out that night to a nearby island. and soon after reaching shore he collapsed from exhaustion. The next morning he woke up inside a home. An elderly couple had taken him in that night after finding the boy on the shore passed out. After exchanging greetings and such they let him go. Later Simon found himself at a Templar Fort near the town. The Templar's took him in and trained Simon in the art of swordplay and then he eventually after long years of training became a Templar,Fighting for the good of the world.

Early Life


Recent events



To help people in need.

Short Term Goals

Kill any chickens in sight

Long Term Goals

Spread the word of God.

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