Following the emergence of the taktevolken hoards on Nuchalnuth and the discovery of races existing on the continent a great battle occured. The Jin did their best to fend off the scourge of undead machines but the unique anti-magic of the Taketevolkiens and their horrendously evil Queen known only as "The Darkness" was the perfect match for the here-to-fore unsurpassed Meta-magic of the Jin.

The Jin and the unholyness that was the Taketevolkiens became embroiled in an inter-dimentional, cross time battle for the life of Solinia itself. Swirling itself into a massive Spellstorm it connected the time waves throughout all past and future ripples allowing the travel of bodies, minds, souls and species. Intermixing them and creating a fusion of conformity and complacency that was to be the undoing of all in the great aura of apathy it engendered

Following the destruction, the spell storm ravages many other continents of Solinia including Halcron and Acacia

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