The Thundering Sea is a location in the southern oceans of Solinia. It is named after the heavy and violent storms that rage across the furthest reaches of the ocean. Many island chains exist in this area including a massive Mesa landmass and dense jungles


In ages past the various islands of this area were inhabited by Meroei settlers with their largest city being [The Silent City]. It has since fallen to the undead and few journey to the area due to the roaming undead which still guard that ancient city. The Vishim have recently taken residence in the western jungles at their city [Elaora Tal] and have been in a non-stop war with the Undead which roam down from the ruins in the north. The Chunel and Orcs also battle constantly over the dry mesa at the center of the area which is rich in minerals but a very difficult area to sustain a population. The cultures there have found unique ways to adapt to the the baking hot temperatures and droughts


The Chunel, Vishim and Orcs inhabit this region of the world as well as infested areas of Undead

Notable Peoples



The Sea leads to the [Angel Isles]


Undead, Orc

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