Name Therian
Common Name Shapeshifter
Starting Stats 70Str 70Sta 85Agi 85Des 80Wis 100Int 60Cha
Professions Kales Suggestion anyhow: Ranger, Wizard, ;Shaman, Enchanter;
Alliance Neutral
Base Alignment Good,Neutral, Evil
Language Common, Therian, BeastTongue
Height 4'3"-7'2". Therians are never the same, their only real distinctive feature is that they are all born with pure, white hair.
Skincolor No definitive color, can be snow white, can be pitch black, etc.
Haircolor They grow into White hair, they can change it when they age if they desire, along with the color of their shifts but all Therian forms would glisten pure white if left untouched.
Lifespan Depends on their talent. Talented Therians contract with powerful beasts, extending age. Ex: Ender_Dragon
Diet Omniverous
Distinctions Therians are practically all different by birth, the only real resemblance they share is their pure white hair.
God worshipped [[Gods#Zephyr, Methabeht, Hiran Asura|Zephyr, Methabeht, Hiran Asura]]


Therians are a powerful race of shapeshifters (Therianthropist's) that command the ability to make spiritual contracts with beasts in order to take any form they desire (amount of forms is limited to the talent of any given Therian, ie. gifted therians can shift into practically anything where as the lesser may only take on the form of few and weaker forms). These Therians also increase their lifespan depending on such skill levels by contracting to ageless beasts such as dragons, although this does not leave them immortal they do have lives extended into millennials. They are now a moreso nomadic species, tending to enjoy the thrill of travel, although some have been known to settle in locals, amongst the many other races, disguised as something other then themselves, leaving their true personal unknown.

Therians are so very different from one another that a general idea of religion is uncommon, there is usually three different groups of such ideas at one time that counteract eachother with their beliefs of neutrality, good and evil. This also led to things such as kings to be impossible as no one group would completely submit to another, this was cause for the Therian Council, which allowed all three to co-incite ideals to benefit the whole. These days, some Therians have taken to wander around the world and even less have found themselves in this new jungle world connected to the beautiful Angel Isles.


Only the oldest of Therians remembers how they came to be, a history distorted by the passing of time, and the telling of the story differentiates from the group the speak too.

The Good clause believe Methabeht created the ultimate species, the one of all, to hold within the image of all other great creations

The Neutral believe Zephyr (Before death) blew 2 of every species together, forming the first 2 Therians, theses 2 were capable of becoming anything and they bred with many other species to quickly grow their population (This is why many Therians are incapable of shifting into many forms, the most powerful are direct descendants of the first 2)

And The Evil do not care who created them, they just recently believed in Hiran because they accepted his ideals of rebellion against the higher power.

These Three factions overtime formed into what is mainly referred to as Therian Council first led by Acaelus Thorne of House Acaelus (Neutral), House Alkestes first led by Jorsin Alkestes (Good) and House Stern first led by Kylar Stern (Evil)

These Three along with House Jaygal (neutral) led Therian for centuries, until House Stern rebelled against it's people, causing the First Great Therian War. The result of this war was the disappeared of the three main faction leaders (Acaelus Thorne, Kylar Stern and Jorsin Alkestes) which pushed the whole of Therian into a state of disarray, each house taken over by their first sons and as such the war quelled. The troubles of the disappeared brought Therian to its knees for decades to come, leading the species into a depression which was the cause of death for many of the remaining Therians as the rush for survival began. Many Therians during this time turned to a nomadic life which destroyed the workforce of the main city and caused the citybound Therians to work hard for simple survive demands such as food. Contact has been mostly lost since these times began and the nomadic Therians have yet to return, nobody really know what's happened since these dark times have began but many home the First Sons have fixed the hole ripped open by the loss of their fathers. Only time will tell.

And here we've been brought, Therians still strive, living throughout all societies in secret, unbeknownst to the commonfolk, or travelling the wilds of the worlds, possibly in their animalistic forms. All is known is the tales that tell about packs of beasts shining pure white, running through the nights.


The Therian were once a very divided race, they got along by the bare essentials, that was, until the Therian Council came along. A very prominent Therian, Acaelus Thorne, brought up the idea of a United Therian and founded the Therian council through much hard work and dedication, he was capable of doing this with the help of his good friend, Jorsin Alkestes. They lead the Therians for centuries.




There are five factions within Therian, They would be The Therian Council, House Alkestes, House Jaygal, House Stern and House Thorne.

The Therian Council is led by Patriarch Acaelus Thorne. The Therian council is composed of 5 Therians with Acaelus as it's leader (Meaning he gets final vote on all matters), The other 4 members include Commander Jorsin Alkestes, Councilwoman Eliva Jaygal (Lord Jaygals wife), Kylar Stern (Leader of the Stern house at the time) and Madame Kivra (Acaelus's spouse).

Acaelus is also the leader of House Thorne which deals with providing necessity's to Therian, such as food and construction.

House Alkestes: This house is lead by Commander Jorsin Alkestes. House Alkestes is most well known for producing excellent combatants and officers to serve in the Therian military, the leader of the house also commands the UTSF (United Therian Shifting Force) making them the most combat savvy House.

House Jaygal: This house is led by Sejual Jaygal, a lesser known house as they deal with the darkness in the city, merchanting and trade that goes on within.

House Stern: Well known for their violent tendencies, This house has produced very powerful shifters over the years but they are a house that commits to Hiran and as such have been considered alligned with evil.


Good Therians believe in health and wellbeing that should be shared with all, as such they believe and have always dealt with the idea of Methabeht.

Neutral Therians enjoy Zephyrs gale, believing the wind to be their guide on their travels across the land. Evil Therians, especially Kylar, love the idea of rebelling and have taken a liking to the most powerful rebel of all, Hiran Asura.


Therians come from a un-mapped island somewhere in the middle of the sea, this large island is practically a fortress because the entire island is basically a large wall all the way around composed of jagged rocks and sandy give-ways. The sea surrounding is also rather ragged as high winds throw waves against the walls and through the rows of stones drawn around the island itself. Such a place is easy for Therians to live as they can shift into something that can fly and are quite accustomed to wind itself. The City itself is something of magnificence, large walls, high towers and beautiful castle the resides House Acaelus and the Therian Councils voting room. The city moves up a mountain where the lower echelon live at the base and the standard of living increases along the way up. surrounding the forward aft is a large open plain which runs into the gargantuan Therian Forest that holds several nomadic groups prone to travel. After the forest is the run around of the island and that is all.

Major Events

A great war nearly eradicated the Therians, this was caused by Kylar Stern. He turned on his own kind and went on the offensive, destroying much of Therian civilization and causing their now nomadic state.


Themselves, there were many different factions of Therians who believe in different things but most of them listen to the overall call of the Therian council


House Stern, Once a prominent House commanding great respect from the citizens of Therian, they turned against their kind in a charge of pure evil, This house was lead by a powerful Therian known as Kylar Stern, or as he's known by his enemies, 'The Executioner'. Other then this, there were no other actual enemies aside from bandits as Therians didn't really meet with many other races.

Founding Fathers

Acaelus Thorne was the creator of the Therian Council that lead the Therians for many years, other renown Therians would be Jorsin Alkestes, first leader of House Alkestes(Good), along with 3 other Major Houses regarded as House Jaygal(Neutral), House Thorne(Neutral) and House Stern(Evil). Jorsin is more known for his role as the Commander of the United Therian's Shifting Force (UTSF) and his pivitol role in his war against House Stern when they rebelled against the council.

Alignment and Faction

Alignment: Neutral, Good or Evil

Home City: Therian (They believe in simplicity in such matters)

Faction: House Alkestes, Therian Council, The Black Shift<- The most absolute prominent factions, there are lessers included such as House Jaygal, House Stern and House Thorne.

Deity: Depends on the Therian Neutral Therians are Zephyr, Good Therians with Methabeht and Evil Therians play with Hiran Asura.

Ruler: Therian Council