Uhrwek is a forested region. Rivers are common, with water wheels being used to draw energy from them in some areas. There is an abundance of small (10-50 foot) cliffs, as if the ground shattered like glass at some point.

The most valuable local resource is coal. There are a number of dense deposits in the region, which is why the Rauklete chose to settle there

There are wolves and bears in the Southeastern regions of Uhrwek. Deer live in many areas across the entire region

Uhrwek is most easily reached by taking a boat from Jingara. It borders Tosteladt and Krastoffen

The Steam Forges are definitely a sight worth seeing. It is there that the majority of the Rauklete are created.

As stated above, Wolves and Bears inhabit some regions. They are fearsome beasts, needing to fight the metallic Rauklete in order to keep their territory

Uhrwek, like the other countries in Alatyr, is a bit of a mystery. The locals didn't put a high priority on preserving the past, and so only the occasional ruin provides a cryptic, often contradictory insight as to what the past of this land is

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