Name Vishim
Common Name Light Elf
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Alliance Dawn Council
Base Alignment Lawful Good
Language Foresian
Height 5-6 ft or 1.5-1.8 m
Skincolor Varies,
Haircolor Often fair, can be browns or black
Lifespan Immortal
Diet Vegetarian
God worshipped Boralis


The High Elven Vishim of Ravenholme on Asgarad have left their mark on the world as masters over the sea and skilled politicans. Their skin shines with a translucent shimmer a reminder of a long distant past that many have forgotten



The Vishim are one of the oldest races to walk Solinia and are descendents of the Eusebians. The most ancient records of the Vishim related to the City of Caer Bedion of Asgarad where they forged a new empire from Ravenholme. The Vishim were one of the first races to sail the oceans of Solinia and discover the Meroei which they forged a relationship which lasts until this day

Once a holy Vishim order in the city of Alaris, the subrace known as High Elves have become a noble and virtuous order seeking only to honour their gods. Their fanatical devotion has led them to discover all manners of new magic (which they are reluctant to share with non-believers, even their elven cousins) and their knights have been known to rival even the many paladin orders of Tsiyon.

Contemporary History

Being such a peaceful race the Vishim have not involved themselves in any outside wars. However, there is one notable blemish to their history. A civl war of proportions the world had not seen then and has not seen the likes of since. Thousands perished by the enchanted blades of Vishim warriors. Women and children were taken to be experimented on and lead to some of the Vishim most destructive types of magic. However, out of the blood came life. Through this came the Vishim promise not to kill without true reason.




Vishim are a race of truly compassionate men and women. Often they take in weary travelers on journeys and feed and house them. Despite their kindness, many races perceive them as aloof and distant. With their mastery of the arcane arts High Elves often stay in a neutral position in wars sending medics and healers to ensure the death toll stays lower than it would otherwise. WIth their monumental life spans Vishim act as role models to the lesser aged races of the world.

Vishim often elect a king or queen out of the noble classes of their society. More often than not this man or woman is a very powerful mage who has proven their ability amongst the best of others. As for the society of Vishim it is one of the simpler societies of the civilised races. At the top is a king and below him a council. After them there really is very little order other than that set up by the people themselves. Their main pursuit is the accumulation of knowledge, with wise individuals being even more revered among Vishim than among other races.







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Alignment and Faction

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Biology and appearance

The Vishim, of Solinia are a majestic and beautiful people often characterized by their graceful figure pale toned skin and flowing fine hair. They stand quite tall when compared to most other races and generally lack in muscle mass heavily. Both male and female Vishim are thin, elegant and beautiful.