Zacharias Demanafor
Zacharias demanafor
The Portrait of the Dark Lord from the ruins of the sewers of Deglith.
Player Character
First Name Zacharias
Second Name Demanafor
Title King, The Dark Lord
Race Ratman
Gender Male
Age 78
Alignment Egotistical
Language Common Tongue
Hometown Frostspire
Height 5'6
Skincolor White
Haircolor Brown(human)


Eye Color Red
Distinguishing Features Scars and crown
Diet Primarily meat
God worshipped Zeglith
Player Name Doogy700


Rat figure with a crown and robes. Bit of an undead facial appearance and subhuman look.


Mean towards most, prefers solitude, isn't afraid to flaunt power when he has it.

Skills and Abilities

Charismatic, Charming, Skilled swordsman, Wise after a long life.

Fears and Insecurities

Death, loss of power


Zacharias was a vampire who grew up as a trader. He traveled to a vampire town named Frostspire. There he found a love for the town and set up a home. He lived there for many years before the emperor, Emperor Tungil went insane. Him and a few others left to create a new town, Blightmoon. Blightmoon grew to be an ultimate city and empire. Zacharias became an outcast, a criminal against the rule of Okrayob who banished him. As an outcast, he lived plotting his revenge in a cave, he became a ratman one night from unknown causes, had awoken as one. Soon enough though, Okrayob was killed in battle and a temple was built. Zacharias raided the temple and built it into his palace. He lived there happily married to his spouse, Lillith Demanafor. Lillith passed away a while after it was built. The new world was created soon and Zacharias lived in a town with kobold for a while before traveling away. He now resides in Deglith.

With the escape of Solinia, and the destruction of his short town in the Volcano of Altayr, he now resides in Starfall.

After many more travels, and changes in residences, he travels from place to place, looking for a place to setup a home.

Early Life

Born a human, was bit by a vampire at an adult age during a vampire raid on his village, became a trader until discovering a town friendly to his kind, Frostspire.

Recent events



To reclaim greatness

Short Term Goals

To destroy a personal enemy(Completed with the death of Okrayob.) To found a new empire

Long Term Goals

Conquer Solinia

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