Zane Eldritch
Zane Eldritch
Player Character
First Name Zane
Second Name Eldritch
Title Prince
Race Meroei
Gender Male
Age Young (Twenties)
Alignment Neutral Good
Language Common Tongue
Hometown Athaime
Height 6'1"
Skincolor White
Haircolor Black
Eye Color Green
Distinguishing Features Usually wears fine regal clothing
Diet Grains, Meat, Fruit, Vegetables
God worshipped Methabeht
Player Name Zane_Eldritch


Not extremely tall, black hair kept at a fairly short length, most of the time has a short stubble sometimes a clean shaven face, very expensive and fancy garments


Cocky, kind, and frivolous, can be serious when the need arises

Skills and Abilities

Diplomacy, Adept in Magic, Charisma

Fears and Insecurities

Being disliked, Losing, Death/Pain


With the death of his father, Zane Eldritch strives to become King of Athaime. Although, he has not proven himself to ascend to the crown yet. It will be held for him, and in time it will come to be his.

Early Life

He spent most of his time contained in the protective walls of the city of Athaime.

Recent events



Become King of Athaime some day.

Short Term Goals

Finish construction of a keep in the Angel Islands.

Long Term Goals

Rule his kingdom throughout a long prosperous life.

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